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29 July ’22

It’s time to celebrate

Save the date for 2022 Monash Business Awards Annual Gala Dinner. Soon it will be time to let your hair down, don on some party attire and celebrate your business successes over the last few years.


Just some of the great speakers featured at recent MBA events. 

16 June ’22

David Robertson: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

With so much happening in the world, it’s hard to imagine what lies ahead for business. Economist David Robertson will shed light on where our economy stands now and what can be expected in the near future. David is Chief Economist and Head of Economic and Markets Research at Bendigo & Adelaide Bank. His career spans more than three decades, including roles as a foreign exchange dealer and senior positions in Treasury for the State Bank of NSW, First Chicago and the Commonwealth Bank.

18 May ’22

Waverley BMW Networking Evening

Join us for an electrified evening at Waverley BMW when you will get an exclusive opportunity to experience their new electric car range. Head of Corporate Fleet Sales, Daniel Colina, will present the BMW iX, BMW iX3 and the BMW i4, and answer all your questions. The MBA’s Igor Hnatko, of Carbon Group, will also present timely EOFY tax tips. Refreshments will be provided by Prosecco Van and Woofy’s Catering. Tickets are limited, so secure your place now on the link below. Ticket holders will be emailed a unique discount code for $20 off the MBA’s June networking lunch or our Gala Dinner in July. 

28 April ’22

Kate Bailey – CBRE

Kate leads the CBRE Research Team in Melbourne and Adelaide and is the national head of logistics and retail research. She began her career in 2008 working at a property economic consulting firm, a role which took her to the UK as a valuer and analyst for a property developer. She later spent four years in the property strategy and forecasting division of Coles, providing direction for the future network of supermarket, liquor and convenience properties.

24 February ’22

Mat Bowtell – Free 3D Hands

Mat Bowtell is the founder and CEO of Free 3D Hands, an Australian charity who designs and 3D prints hands and assistive devices. The hands are provided for free, to children and adults all around the world and they even pay the postage! Mat freely shares his designs under an open-source licence so others can make and repair their own devices and to encourage further innovation. Mat’s goal is to significantly bring down the cost of assistive technology to help those who currently cannot access or afford it.

Come and enjoy a cooked breakfast, listen to Mat’s amazing story, as well as networking with the MBA community.

24 November ’21

Conversations with Business of the Year recipients

Come and enjoy a cooked breakfast as well as a chance to network with our business community. It is sure to be a great event to end lockdown and celebrate our newly titled Monash Business of the Year winners.

1 October ’21

Awards Presentation Livestream

 The fun and interactive event honoured the top businesses in Monash and included entertainment and prize giveaways. It was a great excuse to pop on some party clothes, make yourself a Friday afternoon Happy Hour drink and support some familiar faces and businesses that you may have known.

15 April ’21

Kirk Peterson from Performance Shift

Kirk Peterson – Managing Director of Performance Shift is a renowned thought leader with over 30 years experience in High Performance and People Management, specialising in High Performing Teams.

He believes that Emotional intelligence and Self Management are the most important traits to embrace to lead in the high performance space. With a passion and motivation to inspire and educate individuals and teams to maximise their potential, he challenges thinking and enhances the possibility mindset.

19 Nov ’20

Geoff Flemming from Vital Smarts

Have you had a difficult conversation in the past that left you feeling awkward and misunderstood? This Crucial Conversations workshop will empower you to create a healthy dialogue by stepping into disagreement – rather than over or around it – for improved relationships and results.

Geoff Flemming, General Manager of VitalSmarts ANZ and the MBA are delighted to offer this high energy and rapid fire online workshop, backed up by decades of social science research, which will impart practical skills that participants can immediately use in their business relationships. 

29 Sept ’20

Local Business Network Panel Discussion


 Join the MBA and a local business panel for an engaging discussion on how businesses are adapting to the current environment of lockdowns, restrictions and economic downturn.

17 Sept ’20

Supporting Mental Wellbeing in Business and Beyond with Peter Bellion

The impacts of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are not merely economic. Many people have also reported significant emotional and mental health ramifications. Peter Bellion, a former crash scene investigator and reconstruction expert from Victoria Police’s Major Collision Investigation Group, knows first hand what it feels like to be struck by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while on the job

18 June ’20

Future Forecast for Uncertain Times - Stephen Anthony

As the financial year winds down, hear from a finance industry expert about the current state of the economy and what conditions we might expect going into the second half of 2020. Stephen Anthony is a highly experienced macroeconomist and fiscal policy specialist with over twenty years of experience.

20 Feb ’20

Breaking Down Barriers

As our first event for 2020, the Monash Business Awards hosted a motivational morning with Beau Vernon.

Key to his philosophy is the notion of a “helpful” rather than “positive” mindset. When things are objectively not going our way it can be more manageable to consider the small next action we can take to help us move in the right direction.

Beau reminded us of the importance of creating connections within teams and that making people feel cared for and appreciated for who they are can yield the greatest results. 

Beau also works to draw employers’ attention to the fact that Australian businesses can be doing much more to have inclusive workplaces. As he says, “I want to be an advocate to show that people with a disability are as much a part of society as anyone else and that we should raise the bar on what can be achieved”.  

21 Nov ’19

Team Alchemy

“The good news is, your team’s performance is a direct result of your leadership. The bad news is, your team’s performance is a direct result of your leadership! Whichever way you choose to look at it, you pull the performance lever.”

This was one of lessons shared by Stephanie Bown at this MBA breakfast event. Stephanie, a high performance coach, also spoke about the common leader error of focusing attention on low performers at the expense of the highly skilled, as well as outlining the five leadership styles and their effort to result ratios.  

For those wanting to learn more, Stephanie is sharing with friends of the MBA her new white paper: Leading High Performing Teams: How to transform team performance from simply functioning to fully flourishing in the new era”.

19 Sep ’19

Cultivate Better

“Small business is the hardest slog there is…
So you need to find satisfaction in the grind.”  

This was just one of the lessons shared by James Madden, CEO of Flinders + Co at this MBA lunch. James spoke about focusing on the legacy question of “What do I want to be able to say I achieved?” to guide the company’s direction. Achieving an initial goal of being a carbon neutral business last year (leaping ahead of the Australian red meat industry’s target of being carbon neutral by 2030) James stressed that carbon neutrality is not as daunting as might be perceived and was accomplished through a switch to renewable energy and investing in carbon offsets. 

13 Jun ’19

Disruption is the New Norm

Scott Haywood is an industry-leading financial advisor, wealth strategist and regular media commentator, including daily appearances on Tom Elliott’s 3AW Drive Program, and co-hosting the weekly national program Let’s Talk Business on the Macquarie Radio Network.

Scott began his talk to the MBA audience by asking, “what was your first job and does it still exist?” Disruptors such as Uber, FastBrick (a robotic bricklayer) and Seek, to name just a few are putting pressure on once stable industries. Meanwhile, fields such as nursing, teaching, personal care assistance, carpentry, cleaning and auditing will continue to be in high demand. To be ready for the job market of the future, and to prepare the upcoming generation, we need to recognise the importance of computer science, potentially retrain, or look into developing a side-hustle. 

11 Apr ’19

Finding Your Tribe

Jules Lund, well known for his radio and television appearances, spoke to the MBA audience on the rise of the citizen influencer. Jules founded the start up Tribe in 2015, to meet the growing demand for digital content and developing a self-service product that connects social media influencers with brands.

Generating more than $250,00 worth of digital content every day, participants were able to hear how Jules made the transition from media personality to a founder of a global tech company.

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